Senin, 14 November 2011

Mr. Salim's English Lesson - July 22nd 2011

remember this? IS3NAKAL’s crazy moment :-)
so this was the first time Mr. Salim taught our class. and we did some kind of 'chain-reaction' story. wanna know? enjoy ;)  

Mr. Salim: Last week, I went to the zoo with my family.
Cals: We went there at 9 AM.
Bidong: I already bought the tickets 3 days before.
Ica: I saw an elephant and a giraffe.
Adit: I was excited.
Kemal: I met my friend there.
Varien: After I met my friend, I went to see a lion.
Dina: Then we were starving.
Kiki: Suddenly, my brother threw up.
Rani: My brother got an accident in the reptil’s house.
Ayun: Unfortunately, my brother came in snake’s cage.
Sesi: The second bad news, I lost my purse.
Dinda: When we were looking for my purse, I saw an orangutan and I remembered Varien. 

Jeki: I was looking for my purse when suddenly a lion ran and caught my hand.
Ami: I was trying to kill it.
Hexa: After we got the purse, then we went home at 5 AM.
Echa: We were on the way to our house, suddenly my car crash!
Ichang: My car got apart.
Kemas: Then a crazy monkey stole my purse again.
Dion: I felt hungry.
Bagus: I ate noodle.
Ano: Then an alien came.
Prima: The alien was so big and I was scared.
Sasa: They took me to another galaxy.
Sab: I had my lunch there.
Burhan: I felt afraid because I couldn’t go back to the earth.
Alfin: The alien killed us, and we all were dead. Bye…….

see see see? how creative we were ;) *jglerr*

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