Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

bikinan adit


Have you ever feel alone? Like when you feel no one cares about you? Well, fuck that! Now there's a big milik! Why should you care about your life when you can just drink a glass of Big Milk and then you stop giving a damn about your life?
Your girlfriend dumped you? Your friend stabbed you in the back? Your crush friendzoned you? And you feel the urge to cut yourself? Why do you end your life because all of those small things? Just drink a glass of Big Milk!
Big Milk is just an ordinary chocobite rainbow milk, but it needs to be served in a really big portion. Just pour a couple litres of water and add Big Milk powder as much as you can. Now drink it with just one take of the glass, just like drinking beer.
Now lets hear it from the guy that used to hate his life, "My name is *censored*. I used to hate my life. After i drank a glass of Big Milk, i feel like i've found the meaning of life."
Big Milk, probably healthy, super delicious and super cheap. Dream Big, Drink Big!

ini tugas pelajaran inggris sm pak gun. yang ini punyanya adit. :)) paragraf 1&2 rada curcol yo...

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